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for a well researched newspaper article.

-- Rocky Knolls (, July 09, 1998


Thank you for the post! My husband and I both read it. He works for a major utility company here in California. He spoke with his supervisor today about Y2K. His supervisor, never heard of it!!!!!!! And he's in charge of the electrical side of the business in this town!!!!! So, I think he's going to give him the article tomorrow! Thanks again. I appreciate you keeping people informed!

-- Barb-Douglas (, July 10, 1998.

Our local Chamber of Commerce had a Y2K Awareness meeting today with rep's from the phone company and the electric company. Hold on to your hats as you read what I'm going to type...

The power company representative stated that Bonneville Dam supplies the power to the greater part of the Northwest United States [and some of California]. They recently tested their SCADA systems and they failed. They are just now beginning to ASSESS their 300 substations.

Then he ended with the comforting statement that there would be no power disruptions in the year 2000, but that if anyone wanted to buy a generator anyway, the power company would be happy to sell them one.

In other words, what this man said was that Bonneville Dam was not compliant, that the 300 substations were not compliant, that they were just beginning the assessment process (1% of the total Y2K experience) and that there would be no power disruptions in the Northwest.

The Y2K consultant at the meeting just about choked. The meeting had to be concluded before the consultant could comment.

The phone company rep, a pleasant, well spoken and kind woman who was the head of Y2K for CenturyTel which covers 21 states, said that they were in the assessment stage, that they could not guarantee phone service in the year 2000 but were confident that it would be ready.

Uh huh.

Folks, this is first hand, from my ears to my keyboard to this forum.

The people in the room had no clue what the power rep said or what it meant. They all went back to their businesses and got on with their day.

Please make plans to have some water, some food, some heat, and someone you care about near you when the ball starts to fall in Times Square. It may be the last pleasant thing you see for awhile.

And, keep looking up! :)

-- Pastor Chris (, July 10, 1998.

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