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I have been considering quitinging work to start my own bookkeeping business. I have put quite a bit of thought and planning into this for over 10 years now. I was planning to take the leap in Novemeber but have serious concerns with the Y2K issues around the corner.

What would you suggest? As a business owner, you may have the most insightful advice.

This is a repeat of an earlier question, but I thought a new title might attract additional responses.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


-- Cherith Schmidt (, July 08, 1998


Having owned a business for the past 18 years, I would not reccomend that anyone start a new business during such an uncertain time frame.

A least case 2-3 year recession would make this a risky proposition.

-- Bill Guthrie (, July 09, 1998.

I've been in the HVAC business for 21yr. Starting out can be very diffcult. Maybe you should try moonlighting to see how things workout Meaning customer before you can just quit you need a customer base. Also remenber Benfits if you don't make enough to pay your medical and IRA better to stay or get a job that does Y2 might be a great time for a bookkeeper Computers only store and retive information some one has to record it for it.Good luck!

-- Steve M (, July 09, 1998.

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