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HELP - I'm seeking IMAGES/PAINTINGS of Saint Catherine of Bologna (nee de Vigri), the Patron Saint of Art. Her feast day is March 9, yet several other saints books (such as Butler's) list another saint for that day. I've asked several parish priests and diocesan offices, I've checked art books and enyclopedias, I've looked at Poore Clares' literature - aren't there any IMAGES/PAINTINGS of Saint Catherine? Any help much appreciated, thanks.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1998


Image of Catherine of Bologna


There is a book available from TAN publications called THE INCORRUPTIBLES, author's name, Cruz. In this book is a photograph of the incorruptible body of Catherine of Bologna, which is posed in a seated position - I believe in the chapel of her motherhouse. Apparantly, the smoke and oils from candles and lamps have rendered her skin black, but in all otherways supposedly the body is supple and lifelike. You can probably get this book at any Catholic Bookstore. Peace, Dana

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1998

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