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In order to make information readily available please create a file folder for each deliverable.

The file folder is where you keep meeting minutes, notes on design rationale, test data annotations, etc. It's the one place where you, or the person who eventually inherits the deliverable, can go to find information on status and rationale. Rationale is emphasized becuase to avoid re-work it is critically important to know why a decision was made. (As long as the implementation reflects changed requirements the history of changes are not important; so saving old designs is not necessary as long as the rationale for the current implementation is documented.)

The folder should also contain a Task Completion Sheet. The Task Completion Sheet records estimated and actual completion dates for each development step. Each meeting should be documented in a memorandum, which is filed in the folder and cross-referenced on the Task Completion Sheet.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1998

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