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Y2K is a human problem and will or will not be fixed by human. Best read yet on y2k is at:

-- Bob Barbour (, July 08, 1998


Just wanted to correct a typo in the above URL--

-- Max Dixon (, July 13, 1998.

How about doing your bit for your neighborhood. I suggest compiling a letter (anonymously or not) & distributing it to all of your neighbors and also submitting the letter to your neighborhood weekly. We erroneously assume everyone is aware in our information overload society... this is not necessarily the case. Some people dismiss what they don't understand and hide from what they fear. You can present it plain and simple for the hard to persuade. I am doing this for twofold reasons: 1) I care about my neighbors & don't want them to needlessly suffer. 2) I don't want them storming my home when I appear clean & rather unfrazzled by the entire ordeal.

-- Leave no stone unturned (, July 13, 1998.

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