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Hi Lynette

Thanks for your response. And the extra little message, verrry interesting. I will have to read it a few times to grasp the implications on the broader spectrum, I will get back to you on that one however.

Also you wrote that the deeper global problems of temp rising, and other earth changes are an issue in them selves, yes I agree with you there. It is interesting also that the biblical prophets forewarning of the last days mentioned (I believe that Christ also spoke in these last day terms) that there would be an increase in earthquakes, volcanos, 2/3 of the worlds rivers and oceans dying, 2/3 of the worlds forests distroyed, wars and rumours of war, famine and floods, pestilence etc etc.

You also mentioned how other races outside of biblical Christianity are aware of the end approaching. It is also interesting that many tribes and races also have an account of an extremely large flood in their folk history. The Australian kooris (aboriginals) have a dream time story of such a flood at the beginning of their history (very close to the biblical account).

As for the Hopi prophecies being older than the Bible that would be a true statementin as far as actual writen documentation of the fact. However, in my comparative religion research (about 13 years ago now). It has been documented through archaeological time dating of artefacts and biblical historic guidelines, based on a 6000 year inception from creation to present day would suggest that the biblical account from the first man through the time line to the inception of Israel as a nation would put the bible up there as the most oldest accurate account of world history past and future.

This is not taking away from the Hopi or other races prophetic writings, rather it puts them all in agreement one as a witness for the other. I also understand that the world is based on two totally opposing views as to the age of this planet, the Christians and Judaeo religions hold to the 6000 year age, whilst science and some tribal law place it in the hundreds of thousands to millions respectively. I have to go with the Judaeo Christian view as too much archealogical evidence is now at hand to believe other-wise.

Which opens the argument 'if the bible is proving to be 100% true in an historical setting, and 85% of biblical prophecy has been fulfilled to date' then the rest of the bible by relation to the preceding facts must also be true. As mentioned earlier the bible also has an account of the deteriorating global environment. Many things for us to consider. Y2K one aspect as you so rightly point out,I believe it is wise to listen to many for counsel.

Please dont take this letter as put down, but merely a passing of ideas between two thinking people. Yours Timothy.

-- Timothy J Wilbur (, July 08, 1998


Is this Art Bell revisited? He had this program on 2 weeks ago....

-- Barb-Douglas (, July 08, 1998.

Ok, please tell us where in the bible it says all this stuff. Book, chapter and verse. I think you are making it up.

-- Amy Leone (, July 08, 1998.

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