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I have a bunch of RS4/5's which I find unusally noisy. All of them seem to suffer from a mechanical noise in the trucks. When compared to the RS1's made by the same manufacturer (Kato), which glides down the track with a faint whirr, the RS4/5 positively rattles and cluncks down the road. Anybody having the same experience and any idea how to rectify the situation.

-- John Burkhardt (, July 07, 1998



I do not have any RS4/5s, but I do have RS1/3s so I know what you mean by the faint whirr.

I would suggest you might open up the trucks and take a good look. Look for any burrs or sprues on the gears, if any trim them off. Look for any exssive play in the gears, and shim if needed. Clean everything as clean as possible. And re-lube with Aero-Car gear lube, and oil.

Let us know what you find out.


Remember Always Have Fun and Enjoy!!

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-- Don Crano (, July 11, 1998.

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