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Do you ever deliberately try to obtain indulgences, plenary or partial? If so, which prayers do you say most often? Do you think indulgences are important?

-- Anonymous, July 06, 1998


Yes, I obtain plenary indulgences as regularly as I go to Confession.

To obtain an indulgence, one must do four things: 1) the work of the indulgence, 2) receive Communion that day, 3) be free of mortal sin (go to Confession within 8 days, prior or following, of the work of the indulgence), and 4) pray for the intention of the Pope (one Our Father and one Hail Mary is fine).

As for works that will give you plenary indulgences, three of the most common ways are 1) one-half hour of scripture reading, 2) attend the Stations of the Cross, and 3) one-half hour of Eucharistic Adoration.

So, every time I go to Confession and Mass on the same day, I pray for the intention of the Pope as well and read scripture for half an hour. That's all it takes!

Indulgences, I think, are an important part of Christian life. Confession is necessary for removing the guilt of sin, but the temporal punishment still remains. I can either get rid of it here on earth (indulgences, penance, works of mercy, etc.), or I can make a lengthy stay in Purgatory. I know which I'd rather do!


-- Anonymous, July 07, 1998

Yes I do seek the treasure of the Church. I like reading prayers from the "Enchiridion Indulgentiarum" also known as the "Roccolta" , the Franciscan Crown Rosary and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

-- Anonymous, July 07, 1998

I've never deliberately tried to obtain an indulgence...I've never really understood anything about them, and since I don't understand, I guess I also wonder why they need to exist. I mean...say this prayer and knock off this much time in purgatory? I don't get it at all.

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1998

In response to Joes comment you also need to to be freed from any affection to sin!

-- Anonymous, July 08, 1998

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