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Hi Larry Thanks for the response.

Yes there a lots of outside factors in play that could seriously impact on our global economy, much in the way that the ol' straw broke the camels back. Each one taken on it's own may cause some problems. but taken as a whole will most definitely cause more than we bargained for. I have a programming friend, he is a very intelligent man politicly astute and computer literate. I mention that I hear of computers breaking down as Y2K starts to be felt, and he says "computers break down all the time" (he is not convinced that Y2K is a problem)

My response to him is 'that is right computer breakdowns are not unusual but put that breakdown into a global perspective on the same day then the economy has to suffer (I get met with silence). In town last week I heard on the radio that a computer in Paris had crashed and wiped its file base, three banks in Australia were off- line, Social Security could only meet 50% of it's youth payments, social security in Tasmania sent out cheques to people that were not on social security any-more, and those that were did not receive their payments.

As we get closer to the use-by date, I am sure that we will here more and more of these anomalies in the popular press. As the growing amount of incidents will start to outweigh the 'silence policy' constrictors.

Yours Timothy

-- Timothy J Wilbur (, July 06, 1998


Who's Larry

-- None (, October 01, 1998.

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