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Hi Barb Thanks for the reply. Yes you are right it will be every woman / man for them selves. I live on a farm 35 minutes from town so I wont experience most of what town dwellers will be facing, plus by the time the radical element has ravaged it's local area fuel will be very low and we wont expect many driving into the country to seek booty, the added factor that many farmers are armed with more than one firearm will deter the more intelligent of the rampages. It's the young and silly, or those with head damage from too much boozing and drug sucking that will present the biggest danger.

As for the one world government, it may be a golden opportunity for them to push their doctrine, but on the other hand , if Y2K becomes full blown, than all civil authority will be down and out, leaving government without a vehicle to enforce it's new call to unity, also it may well be that anachy will be the deciding factor in that, by it's nature any form of government will be seen as the enemy. Leaving the government without a people to govern.

We will all have to wait and see how it pans out in the next 17 months, untill then lets prepare for the worst - just in case. Yours Timothy

-- Timothy J Wilbur (, July 06, 1998


Who's Barb

-- None (, October 01, 1998.

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