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I am a Gentile by the standards of the LDS and the general population. I happen to love several members of the Mormon Church, such as my grandkids and sons and daughters. I have read in several ngs that the Mormons will be the best prepared for the up comming events because of their beliefs in storing food and communal life style. Even the good Senetor Bennett is from Utah. I have it on the best authority that the LDS continues to send their young people all over the world on their missions. In order for them to do this, they must be the most ignorant of all people to continue this practice. I ask any of the group who may be of the LDS to explain to me how the church can expose their kids to the uncertainties of y2k? I know that they are being sent out daily. How in the Hell are you going to get them back? How will they live? How can any Mormon who knows about y2k, in good concience allow your kids to become martyrs to the church? You guys don't even cannonize your martyrs. Anxious to hear from Mormons.

-- Bill Solorzano (, July 06, 1998


Well i guess the first thing that you i guess need to understand is that we have been persecuted for such a long time that we are kind aware of all of the bad things out there. The second thing that you fail to realise is that the young people who take on this calling to go out are not alone , there is the extended famley that each Church has around it . And with a little faith we will get thru this .

-- Ronald (, July 07, 1998.

Bill - many of the missionaries already live in Y2k-type conditions in S. America, Africa, maybe parts of E. Europe and Russia where they make do with the local living standards which might include running water (or not). These young people in almost all cases come home with a great love for the people and admiration for how they manage. Some I know have gone back to work in those countries, now knowing the language. If things are really tough in a certain area, I'm sure the leaders of the Church will transfer them or recall them home. It's probably a matter of timing too, as missionary work has been suspended in countries where it is too dangerous to be. There have been several young men murdered in Africa and S. America - they know the risks, but they also know that they will be protected where needed, and all relative to their life span on earth. I enjoy your posts, you always provoke thought, use common sense and show compassion where appropriate.

-- Laurane (, July 08, 1998.


You should also consider that the LDS church may not consider Y2K to be the same catastrophic event you do, in which case it would make no sense *not* to continue to send missionaries out to do their work.

I am not a member of the LDS church, nor do I profess to have a particularly deep understanding of their practices or beliefs, but I understand that the advocated practice of storing food and supplies is simply SOP, and is not in any way related to Y2K or any other specific disaster.

-- Paul Neuhardt (, July 08, 1998.

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