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I have been considerting starting my own bookkeeping business for quite a few years now. I will have the opportunity to quit my current possition and begin my business, from my home, in November. With the Year 2000 around the corner is it wise to embark on a new business venture?

Some say small businesses will suffer the most. Would this be a way I could help other small businesses prepare and hopefully remain intact through the rough times? If all else fails, I could continue doing the bookkeeping for my clients the old fashioned way, without computers.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


-- Cherith Schmidt (, July 06, 1998


Sounds like a good idea; businesses will always need accounting expertise. Might be a good idea to lay in a supply of ledgers, before they get real popular. You might also consider investing in a Mac laptop and a setup to charge the batteries.

Any business owners out there want to comment?

-- Max Dixon (, July 08, 1998.

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