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I am a Roman Catholic Seminarian in Canada, and recently on my summer break I have been discoursing with a JW elder, about the very foundation of authority. I have told him why the Catholic Church is the only church with Apostolic Succession therefore we can, and have the AUTHORITY to, interpret the bible correctly. Now, how do I convince him of the fact the Jesus Christ is not St. Micheal the Archangel?

-- Anonymous, July 06, 1998



Why on Earth does he think that Our Lord and St Michael are the same person? I've never heard that one before!

The Bible depicts them as separate, the onus is really on him to prove that they are the same, not for you to prove that they are different.

But, for a start, angels are pure spirits. Jesus Christ is God made Flesh. He has a soul _and_ a body. He cannot be an angel.

God bless, Paul McLachlan

-- Anonymous, July 06, 1998

response to how can I prove...

By JW do you mean Jehovah's Witness?

I never try to prove anything, Robert, I just repeat the words of St. Bernadette (Soubirous) who told church and government people who gave her a hard time about Our Lady's appearances, "It's not my job to convince you, only to tell you." I always liked that. :-)

-- Anonymous, July 06, 1998


I've never even heard of this notion, but then again I'm not very knowledgeable with regard to JW.

Nowhere in Scripture does it even hint that these two are the same person. Thus, the burden of proof is not on you but on him. I am anxious to hear what his arguments are for suggesting such a thing. Post his arguments here, and I'm sure this group will be able to provide you with ample counter-arguments!


-- Anonymous, July 06, 1998

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