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I'm doing North America Wall on the coming August. I've already read the trip reports on Yosemite Rock Page. Especially, I need the information related to the bolts at the belay points. The report by S. Ross on Yosemite Rock Page said the poor protections at the belay points on the route. Thank you.

-- Koji Fujita (, July 06, 1998


I did NA Wall in June of 97. We found the belay anchors to be, for the most part, quite adequate/safe. The belays up in the Black Dihedral were the only ones at all dubious. We bivied at the belay one pitch below the Black Cave and discussed putting in a new bolt there, but laziness won out and we didn't. Unless someone has already done it, both that belay and the belay up in the Black Cave could use a new bolt.

-- Mark Taylor (, July 29, 1998.

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