which grade electrical conduit for shade structure

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We are planning to build a larger (20x20 ft) shade structure this year, using one inch electrical conduit for uprights and beams as have others in the past. But Home Depot has three grades of conduit: light, medium, and heavy - which is too heavy to lift. Which grades of conduit have people successfully used in the past?

-- Neil Ratzlaff (neilratzlaff@macconnect.com), July 05, 1998


Corrected URL: http://www.mc2-ice.com/popular_conversion/popular_conversion_files/electrical/conduit_weight.html

In general, for a medium-sized dome, we use 3/4" emt conduit. If your structure is going to use cantilevered structures or whatever, you might want to go heavier.

-- Ed Falk (falk@efalk.org), September 28, 2004.

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http://www.mc2- ice.com/popular_conversion/popular_conversion_files/electrical/conduit _weight.html

-- John McClain (mcclainj@firestoneindustrial.com), February 28, 2002.

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