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Today's (july 5, 1998) MIAMI HERALD "Tropic" magazine contains a multipage article on Y2K. Basically, the article makes the ridiculous assertion that the government has basically FINISHED its Y2K upgrading and is now beginning the TESTING phase of Y2K!!!! I am absolutely amazed at the audacity of the article's author, to dare to publish such falsehood! Those in the know should contact the MIAMI HERALD and set these matters straight. Thanks.

-- Donald Ramsey (, July 05, 1998


The press has been lying to you for years. You think they are going to tell you the truth about something like this. You might see the light and stop the paper subscription to use the money for something of value. Like dry goods or a really big hunting knife.


-- j (, July 06, 1998.

All the error tells you is that the "journalist" who wrote the piece was lazy and didn't bother to confirm his/her facts. Y2k isn't the only issue that gets 2nd-hand research in the media -- it's not a big deal. Too bad for the people who believe it, though.

-- A. Evangelista (, July 06, 1998.

It's my opinion that most reporters are lazy and do as little as possible to research stories. This one probably got his information from Joe Blow who heard it from someone else! Stories like these do more harm than good.

-- Annie (, July 06, 1998.

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