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Dr. Beach ( has ranked Kailua Beach Park as the number beach in the world for 1998.


Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, the nation's foremost beach expert and a professor at Florida International University of Miami, has released his 1998 ranking of America's Best Beaches.

Known as "Dr. Beach", Dr. Leatherman devises his annual listing based on 50 criteria, falling under three main categories: physical factors such as sand softness, wave size and current strength; biological factors such as water color and quality, and presence of pests; and human-use factors and impacts such as lifeguard protection, visual obstructions and ameni-ties.

-- Roy Inouye (, July 05, 1998


IMHO Jones Beach is the most beautiful beach of all (Long Island, NY).

-- sandy (, August 12, 1998.

Jones Beach, New York is the prettiest of all but today there is a wind-chill of -10F and water temp around 40F. Any Hawaiian beach with the exception of Waikiki ranks equally above the rest of the world. (Waikiki is on a par with the rest of the world because it is all built up with big hotels and is on the leeward side. The words "second" and Hawaiian do not belong in the same sentence.) Floridian and Caribbean beaches rank somewhere below Hawaii in quality. (They are rather magninficent but they just are not Hawaii.)

-- Michael Cogan (, January 10, 1999.

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