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A group of us locals have been trying to get people to at least listen to the Y2K problem and, for the most part, our sincerity and concerns have fallen on deaf ears. We put together a booklet that we hand out at our own expense, with no governmental involvement. We even put together a web site for those in the area who are "wired" and have had absolutely no response from our county - - all responses have been from people outside who came upon the site. We have purposely made the pamphlet a little 'easy' as not to panic elderly people. Some just don't understand and never will. Any thoughts.

-- Harry Meekins (, July 04, 1998


It's too overwhleming for people to think that their whole existence is dependent on them to do something to survive. Need a cop? Just dial 911. Need fire protection, medical, etc., dial 911. What are you going to do when there's no one at 911? No telephone - no 911. We lived one week without 911. Everyone was screaming and frantic because they expected it to always be there. No one likes to be scared out of their wits. No one wants to think or act upon a situation that makes them responsible for themselves. Isn't that what the government is here to do, wipe your snotty nose for you? We are a society of procrastinators. No one wants to think that the worse could happen to them. And then no one wants to believe that anything bad could happen to them. And why worry about something that may or may not happen? Only the strong and prepared will survive. Think of yourselves as being evangelist. Not everyone will heed the call.

-- Barb-douglas (, July 05, 1998.

The fax machine in our office went down for a day. I thought the place would fall apart. It's incredible the reliance we have on machines. I'm the only one out of a hundred people there that thinks Y2K is a problem. It's not surprising you met with deaf ears! Good luck! I gave up weeks ago trying to talk to anyone about it. I'm worrying about my family and that's that!

-- Annie (, July 05, 1998.

At this stage of Y2K, I would not worry about trying convince anyone of the potential disaster's Y2K will bring. Get yourself ready and be about your own business. Some will wake up and some will sleep. You cannot be a saviour to everyone. And when the time comes, someone will remember what you told them and will kick themselves for not listening. Just remember, these are adults you are talking to, but sometimes it seems like they are children! Good Luck to you.

-- j.m. cory (, July 05, 1998.

I have found it a total waste of time trying to convince anyone, even close friends and family. If they're not aware now of a *big problem*, then they'll probably still be asleep when TSHTF. All I do is recommend that they read Ed and Jennifer Yourdon's TIME BOMB 2000 book; and they can damn-well pay for it themselves. If they're seriously interested, they will do so. If not, you are wasting yout time anyhow. Do you remember the fable about the Ant and the Grasshopper. Time to be an Ant. Get working. I expect the grasshoppers are going to die in large numbers, real-soon-now. Hopefully, you can be in an "ant colony" before then.

-- (, July 06, 1998.

I think a lot of people view it as computer programmers trying to show the world just how powerful they are. "Yes, we can bring the world to it's knees with our little programs!" It's just an amusing ploy by a group of nerds to draw attention to themselves. It remains to be seen who gets the last laugh.

-- Amy Leone (, July 06, 1998.

Are you hard-core tough survivalists prepared to witness the mass extinction of the grasshoppers? I am amazed at the flippancy in which you can discuss such a horrible event. No one is "prepared" for y2k, not even you.

-- Tom (, July 07, 1998.

In answer to Tom, who thinks we "tough survivalists" are being heartless. If we are right, many of us are going to die and most of you are going to die. If you're right, you're welcome to laugh. We're not laughing either way. A favourite quote I hear goes like this: "It doesn't matter a damn who is RIGHT, only who is LEFT". Think about it. Is it funny? Are we mean? Grow up.

-- (, July 07, 1998.

I also am having a hard time convincing my family that this appears to be a serious situation. My husband is balking at spending $700 for a stupid small generator-I bet he will be kissing my feet when the time comes. I would welcome any ideas regarding how I can convince him.

-- b rubert (, July 08, 1998.

David, I'm not against making preparations or survival. I have my dried food and supplies. We are all survivalists instinctually. The main problem with y2k and the world in general is: There is no community spirit anymore. People don't care about each other, only themselves and maybe their immediate family. Well, we're all going to learn real quick that if we don't come together in some fashion, we won't make it through this. And if we don't, it will be one scary world. Scarier than it is now. What kind of a world do you want to live in post y2k? Let's start facilitating community spirit now in the hopes it will spill over into the next millennium. What do we have to lose by using our humanity for a change. Sound idealistic? Good. I'm sick of this reality unless it becomes more ideal.

-- Tom (, July 08, 1998.

Upon further thought perhaps this wasn't the thread to spout my grievances of mankind considering Mr. Meekins exercise in community involvement. Keep on keeping on everyone, even in the face of darkness.

-- Tom (, July 09, 1998.


Good page. Is there any way you can make the pamphlets available where people may pick them up? Post meeting notices in places like the WalMart? Reach local civic groups?

I agree with one thing said here, and that's that you will have to prepare yourselves first, or at least be well on the way, so continue with your personal preparations. I also believe that our greatest hope for getting through this lies with community preparation. It's a tough nut to crack, because, yes, people are looking for the government to do it for them, rather than relying on themselves.

Tough situation. Keep us informed of how you make out, and what is needed to tip the scales (if they can be tipped).

-- Rocky Knolls (, July 09, 1998.

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