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A family member, as well as two close friends of mine react almost hostile at the mention of Y2K. I'm very interested to know if there are any folks in the mental health industry who can offer an academic understanding of the typical responses myself and others seem to get with regards to sharing information of mounting evidence of non-compliance and its ramifications? I've seen the "stages of grief" breakdown on some sites as an explanation. Are there others?

-- Lisa (, July 04, 1998


Lisa, you asked a very good question. I informed a historian Ph. D. about y2k and essentially was called a paranoid. I have lived at the edge of starvation without plumbing, heat and water for a number of years because my father abandoned me. Then I became a slave. Whenever I mention a hint of this, people ignore me. They go into denial when they face an intolerable situtation.

-- Nameless (, July 04, 1998.

I'm not an expert, but I've formed a hypothesis about most peoples denial of y2k. 1. Everyone wants to remain as comfortable as possible throughout life. They work very hard to find the "right" job,house,mate, neighborhood, etc.,with the bottom denominator:how it makes us feel.And this bit of news makes us very uncomfortable. I"ve noticed people who say they believe it holding back in preparation rather than disrupt their routine. 2. We all want to "fit in" with our group.And this will probably shake up a whole lot of relationships.

-- Arthur Rambo (, July 04, 1998.

When I said I was selling our home of 18 years in Sydney and moving out to the boonies for safety, my wife took our kids (12 year old twins, boy and girl) and moved in with her parents. With her 60% of our assets the family is adding another storey to the home. I took the kids out for the day yesterday and again tried to warn about Y2K to my wife. It was like waving a red flag to a bull. Her love has already turned to hatred (as my "madness", as she sees it, is the cause of all her problems). Her parents dismiss my fears as insane. They lived through the great depression and refuse to consider that what is coming will not be the same. (After all, in the 20's there was a great sense of community spirit and each one helped his neighbour... Not any more.) All I can do is back off, and continue making preparations on my own. I hope she will allow the kids to come to the small farm I have just purchased. Unfortunately they are too young to make it on their own. The retreat is more than 1,000 Kms from Sydney. I work in I.T. (Networking and Desktop Support) and I just gave my notice on Friday. I will be moving out of state. Most people I talk to refuse to read the articles I collect and print from the Internet, or the books I have offered them to read: namely TimeBomb 2000.

-- (, July 05, 1998.

Lisa - I have experienced exactly the same reaction from by family and friends. PLEASE do not get discouraged. I have been "aware" of the problem for over one year (I am in the technology business), but was personally "in denial" until the last 5 months. I understand how difficult it is for us to realize our comfortable way of life if in doubt.

However, after the reaction I received from family and friends, I have greatly softened my approach - and I don't preach. I always mention the subject and no longer pursue when others don't seem interested.

-- Jill Boyett (, July 06, 1998.

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