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This is not a religious post and I do not wish to start a religious discussion. :)

As a pastor, I am looking for fellow Y2K "aware" pastors. I have not found a decent forum for pastors and would like to start one.

My purpose in this is simple: people generally look up to and trust their pastors. My concern is that many ministers are Y2K "unaware" and are not adequately prepared or 'educated' in Y2K and thus will not be much help to their members. Many pastors will not understand the serious nature of Y2K until it's too late. I hope to be a sort of catalyst to bring ministers together in a rational forum to get out sensible information to their congregations.

If you know your pastor's e-mail addy and would like to forward it to me, please do. Or, please forward my e-mail addy to them and have them get back to me. Thanks!

http://www.lifetel.com/y2k2000.htm chrisbr@ptinet.net

-- Pastor Chris (chrisbr@ptinet.net), July 03, 1998


My father is an ordained minister. However, the primary focus of his ministry since 1974 has been Christian family and marriage counseling. He is a member of our local Ministerial Association and is friends with most of our area pastors. His name is Joe Sturz, and he has been receiving materials--newsletters and books--from Gary North for years, and was well aware of the Y2k problem in 1996. He is not as familiar with the internet as I am, and so I would be his "contact person" (I'm in the music ministry myself). He is one of the most wonderful, committed Christians I know, and, Pastor Chris, he sees Y2k as bringing on one of, if not THE greatest revival in American and World history. Our family continues our contingency plans, but realizes that God is in complete control, and that "to live is Christ, to die is gain". Your idea is timely and much-needed. God bless you!

-- Justin Sturz (CJSturz@skantech.com), July 04, 1998.

I am not a pastor but a memeber who asked by Pastor if he was aware of the Y2K issue. He said "Yes, it will be caotic but these are the days we are in and be of good cheer for He has overcome the world". He then folded up the Y2KCPR and the Pat Robertson interview with Ed Yourdon (which I printed for him) and said, "I stay abreast of such matters." However he did not seem to want to discuss it at any length. I desire to followup with him but because I love and respect my Pastor I hesitate. I am currently praying God will show him what he needs to be doing in regard to Y2K. Any comments/suggestions.

-- (sbridges@nortel.ca), July 08, 1998.

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