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I suppose I could have just looked up the episode Titles at the Lurker's Guide, but I wanted to try circulating some traffic through here.

Has Travis or anyone posted the URL for this forum on the NW-B5 site?


-- Xathrus77 (, July 03, 1998


No I haven't yet. This will be a priority before this week is out. It is not nw-b5's mandate to compete as exemplified by our continued expansion and cooperation with other such as the Merchants' Network, The UBC SFS, and TASC. With more and more resource based groups conming online with the finish of an old series and beginning of a new one, the nw-b5 homepage strives to be a central resource, or a repository rather for anything and everything b5 in the area.

Count on the fact that this will soon be linked the front page of the nw-b5 website.

-- John Francis (, July 08, 1998.

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