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I currently use a Toko field camera, a nice wooden model that has 16" non-interchangeable bellows and focusing front and rear standards. While this camera can be fitted with lenses as short as 65mm (without setting the standards out of parallel), the bellows are compressed so that movements are very restricted. When using a 90mm with 4x5, or even a 100mm with a roll film back, I find that extreme rise or fall will pull the standards out of parrallel; the range of usable movements take advantage of a relatively small portion of the lens'image circle.

Can someone recommend some options for a good field camera that accepts a bag bellows and doesn't require that the front standard be tilted back (ala the Wisners) when using short focal length lenses? The back should allow a Toyo Universal roll film holder (about an inch thick) to be slipped between the frame and the groundglass.

I'm also considering an Ebony Wide to use as a dedicated wide-angle/rollfilm camera. Does anyone have experience with this model?

Many thanks,


-- Matthew Phillips (, July 02, 1998


I suggest the Canham DLC, no problems with using my 65mm f/4.5 Grandagon with full movements to beyond the len's image circle and no need for bag bellows either. (according to the specs this would also hold true for a lens as short as the Super Angulon 58mmXL). check the comments about the Canham elsewhere on this homepage but ignore comments aboutthe Toyo/Linhof adapter. I use the new Canham/Technika adapter, it works fine. Otherwise checkout the ARCA F series of cameras and the Linhof Technikarden. Ellis Vener

-- Ellis (, July 02, 1998.

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