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I noticed in your response about Father Gobbi, that you said "for Catholics who wish to adhere strictly to the teachings of the Magisterium and avoid accepting personal revelations until they are officially recognized by the Magisterium...". That statemeent made me wonder if this is another thing I don't know about my Catholic faith. Are personal revelations not to be accepted? For example, if I have a dream and feel God talks to me, is that a personal revelation and is it not right for me to believe that?

-- Anonymous, July 02, 1998


Hi Patty,

Personal "Revelations" Do not add to or subtract from the "Deposit of Faith" necessary for salvation. They are only binding on the person to whom the revelation was granted. As the Church has laways said there is "No new Public Revelations after the death of the last Apostle". When the Church "Approves" of a revelation like Fatima or Lourdes it states that it is probably true and can be believed "Worthy of Pious Belief", it is not stating that it is true and must be believed. If you have a "Private revelation" you should Pray and ask God to help you discern what it means. If it requiers you to act or deliever a message and it does not conflict with the faith and morals of the Church then you should do so quietly and privately.

-- Anonymous, July 02, 1998

It is absolutely *right* that you believe your private revelations, Patty, so long as it does not go against the faith and morals taught by the Catholic Church. Paul's explanation tells it all - correctly -and if we knew how many people in the world spoke with heaven in their dreams, we would be appalled. I've had a few myself and I thank God for them.

-- Anonymous, July 02, 1998

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