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Your comments are solicited on the recent consensus reached with the Lutherans on the doctrine of justification.

-- Anonymous, July 02, 1998


I'm sorry, what *is* the recent consensus reached with the Lutherans on the doctrine ofjustification?

-- Anonymous, July 02, 1998

There you go again, Hazel, getting nosey. I ask for comments on something and right away you want a description of it. J/K. Seriously, the Joint Declaration On The Doctrine Of Justification can be located in excerpt form at by simply entering-as you might expect- joint declaration on the doctrine of justification. My apologies.

-- Anonymous, July 03, 1998

Catholic/Lutheran consensus

Actually it might surprise some of the readers in this forum that the Holy See and Lutheran World Federation (I believe that is what the official name of the Lutheran Judicatory is called, though I may be wrong) have been sponsoring official inter-church dialogues for over thirty years and have tackled some crucial questions: the nature of the eucharist, justifcation by faith, the papal office, etc. Some of the most outstanding Catholic Church leaders have taken part in these dialogues: Cardinal Baum, Avert Dulles SJ Joseph Fitzmeyer SJ, Raymond Brown SS, Walter Burghardt SJ, Godfrey Diekmann OSB While consensus has not been reached on each and every issue, the dialogues have shown that there is far more common understanding of crucial dogmas of the Church than many people had thought. The Catholic Lutheran Dialogues are probably the most fruitful of the dialogues and they also include excellant background articles from both Lutheran and Catholic Scholars. I remember when I was living in Rome seven or eight years ago wandering into St. Peter's one afternoon where to my shock the Holy Father was presiding at vespers surrounded by the Lutheran Archbishops of Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Helsinki--all coped and mitered--in honor of St. Brigette of Sweden. Such a liturgy makes a declaration that I think is only possible because of the thirty plus years of honest and hard dialogue on tough questions.

-- Anonymous, July 04, 1998

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