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I have been looking for biographical information on St. Germain with no success. I heard he lived in France and was thought to have lived a LONG time.

I would appreciate any details anyone might have.

Thanks, Claire

-- Anonymous, July 02, 1998


There are a few Sts. Germain. Here are the three articles from the on-line version of the Catholic Encyclopedia:

St. Germain, Bishop of Auxerre

St. Germain, Bishop of Paris

St. Germaine Cousin

Hope this helps, Joe

-- Anonymous, July 02, 1998

St. Germain, the Alchemist?

Claire, There are several St. Germain...are you asking about the Alchemist who tried to change lead to gold and who is the "enlightened master" of many new age belief systems?

-- Anonymous, July 02, 1998

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