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For reasons completely inexplicable, I decided that the next Aeon Flux Marathon must be coming on July 16.

It was one of those thoughts that you work out, then forget, then barely remember. I can't remember any of my arguments for this date, except for the fact that I seemed very sure of it.

I do want to start this new question to devote some serious time and speculation to the next Flux-a-thon. I would probably attempt to throttle myself if I missed it, and I'm sure several of you would, too.

-- Charles Martin (, July 02, 1998


That is very good reasoning, to be able to dingle it out to that one day...and the strangest coincidence is that July 16 is my birthday. It would be a cool present if it happens on that day.

-- TGoodchild (, July 08, 1998.

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