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After a lot of trouble I located a battery cover for my Canon AL-1, I'm trying to figure out how to change it. I can take off the bottom cover by removing the three screws that hold it on. The pivot pin for the cover is still blocked in by the bottom edges of the camera body.

There is also one screw in the mouth of the battery compartment. I tried removing it to see if I could then remove the lip of the battery compartment. The lip doesn't seem to want to come out and I'm afraid to put much force on it.

Has anyone changed on of these battery covers? I understand that the AL-1 is based on the AV-1, so the battery covers may be similar.

-- Eric Goforth (, July 01, 1998


I've replaced the door on an AE-1; hopefully the procedure is the same. I needed a pair of needlenose pliers with strong grippy jaws. Open the door and locate the hinge pin - you should see about 1-2 mm of it exposed inside the door. Grab the hinge pin with the pliers and slide it axially into the door. The door should come out. Change the pin over to the new door and slide the pin back into the body.

The book "Basic Camera repair" by Tomosy covers this procedure.


-- Duane Kucheran (, July 17, 1998.

I have a friend who owns a camera repair clinic, (he's an ex- canon technician), if your still having difficulties he may instruct you via the phone. NE UK: 0191-2212340 (If your phoning from outside the UK you will have to add the appropriate code.

P.s He's an excellent repair guy, reasonable rates, honest and I should be on commission for recomending him. He's Brilliant with Canon Gear and has lots of second hand gear too.

Best wishes Mike

-- Mike Wilde (, November 27, 1999.

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