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convert them to your way of thinking.

I have a few friends in my county who are deputies in the sheriff's department. My brother-in-law is an officer in the local National Guard unit. I have been quietly talking to them about possible Y2K problems w/o sounding like a lunatic, and sounding them out on what law-enforcement responses would be to certain scenarios. So far the responses are pretty good - people rioting would be incarcerated, those defending themselves would be left alone. I hadn't brought up the EO's and possiblities of confiscation of gold/food just yet.

This weekend I'll be at a picnic with about a half-dozen deputies. I'm sure Y2K will be brought up. :-)

-- Melinda Gierisch (gieriscm@hotmail.com), July 01, 1998


My pastor is a retired L.A. cop. He is a police chaplain as well. He is Y2K aware. The department is NOT. When questioned they say that the gangs can mobilize without much red tape. Can't we just all ggget along? NO

-- Ramsay Devereux (ramsay@instanet.com), July 07, 1998.

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