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There is an opportunity to purchaser a former labor compound with 12,000 s.f. of dormitory and an 8000 sf rec/dining/kitchen/ cooks qyuarters, all sited on 12 acres with a well.It's about 3-4 miles from a lake in the California central valley, 8 miles from a town of 20,000 and over an hour from a large city such as San Jose. 20 families could work together and transform it into a survival community. Cost would be about $30,000 per family for an undivided share.. Anyone interested?

-- rory moore (, June 29, 1998


Who's going to be in charge? What are the rules and regulations? Will this be a 60's type commune? What about expenses, food, etc? For $30,000 how much of the piece of property would be mine? Whose name would the property be in? What would be my part of the liability? What are the legal aspects of this type of situation? Could this turn into another WACO? Just asking, maybe someone else has more questions that need to be addressed.

-- star (, June 30, 1998.

Here are some interesting places for less than 30,000: Lauder, Manitoba 3,000.00 Deleau, Manitoba 4,000.00 Belleview, Manitoba 2,000.00 These are all in Canadian dollars (i.e. .69 ) Just put a trailer or tent on it and you're set.

-- ishwatni (, July 04, 1998.

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