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Special Training Program for Onyx Service Contract Customers!!!

Onyx has recently partnered with the Graphic Intelligence Agency to offer an intensive two-day hands-on training that will teach you everything you need to know about ONYX PosterShop and incorporating it into your workflow.

Now through the end of September, Onyx is offering a half price special to paying service contract customers only! For $625 per person you will learn everything there is to know about PosterShop and more:

- PosterShop Profiler - PosterShop Client/Server configurations - Scanning for large format output - Calibrating your monitor - PhotoShop tricks for large format output - Color Management - Basic marketing techniques

The class is offered twice a month for your convenience and limited to six students per class:

First Thursday and Friday: Graphic Intelligence - Cleveland, OH Third Thrusday and Friday: Onyx Graphics - Salt Lake City, UT

This class is a great investment of time and money for anyone interested in maximizing the full power of PosterShop and the product surrounding it in your workflow.

For more information or to register, please contact Eric Harsh at the GIA at 888/439-4403 or hit their website at http://www.graphintel.com/html/onyx.html

**********************************************************************NEW ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBERS - please note!!

Eric Harsh Graphic Intelligence Agency 4040 Embassy Parkway, Suite 370 Akron, Ohio 44333 Phone: 330-665-9858 FAX: 330-670-0318 Email: eric@graphintel.com URL: www.graphintel.com

-- Anonymous, June 29, 1998


GIA offers excellent training covering the entire workflow, incorporating Onyx software for printing and color management. For in-depth information and training covering profile and media model generation, and detailed support information for those who support Onyx software in the field, you may wish to attend the ONYX Advanced Technical Training held once a month, usually the first Thursday and Friday of the month. People interested in this training should contact Anne Burton or Lysia Hand at Onyx (801) 568-9900. This is the class to attend if you are ALREADY very familiar with PosterShop, and need to support customers on-site, or need to use PosterShop's media profiling to generate profiles for third-party media, or for older printer models Onyx has not provided profiles for. People attending will need to have a working knowledge of the product already, as basic topics are covered only lightly or not at all.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 1998

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