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Hace 20 aqos este abril pasado, el presidente Griffin nos envis a quatro de los ilderes a Gerona/Girona para empezar la obra misional en ese provincia por primera vez. Solo pasi tres meses y media en Gerona/Girona antes de ser trasladado a Barcelona, pero me acuerdo biin de esas primeras semanas.

Por junio habmamos montado +la capilla blanca; en una planta baja con vidrio en dos lados. Tuvimos que colgar cortinas blancas en las ventanas para facilitar un cierto aislamiento. Por las noches, cuando las luces adentro se brillaban, la capilla parecis como un templo.

?Qui tal de la iglesia de Gerona/Girona ahora? ?Hay muchos miembros despuis de 20 aqos? ?Es Gerona/Girona un barrio ya? ?O es rama todavma?

Gracias, David V. Tilton Palm Bay, Florida, USA

-- Anonymous, June 27, 1998


I know that for a time there were not missionaries in Gerona. I did go with the APs in spring of 83 to teach an investigator and visit some members. I know an Elder Bonta did do some work there and his name is on the alumi list.

Hope this helps...

-- Anonymous, September 03, 1998

I served in Gerona for 3 months in 1995. There was still a small branch there and the work was really slow. There had been no new members for years. There was one baptism while I was there . His name is Elmer. He was a twelve year old boy from Honduras. I loved Gerona and hope to go back to visit some day.

-- Anonymous, October 12, 1998

I served in Gerona in 11/12 95. The work was opening up quite a bit and we had 3 baptisms those 2 months. The Branch President was an American named Pres. Rico, a wonderful man. When I left to come home, there was another baptism of a girl we taught in Jan 96. I havent heard anything about it since. Elders McKay Smith and Damien Garbero were my comps there. It is a wonderful area and i do hope to return to visit soon.

-- Anonymous, November 14, 1998

I served in Girona for 7 months from March of 98 to September of 98. The members there are the best. They have so much faith and help the missionaries a lot. There was about an average of 20 active members when I was there. I love Girona so much.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 1999

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