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What does everyone think of the relationships in 'Isthmus Crypticus'?

I think there are some very interesting parallels in this episode. Both Aeon and Trevor find new loves. Is there any connection between the two? Did Aeon drive Trevor to the Seraph Trev? Did Trevor drive Aeon to Una?

The line Aeon says, about Trevor being the odd man out, is very relevant. Perhaps Aeon is planning to remove the Seraph Trev and leave Trevor alone while she still has Una. This isn't what happens, of course. Both Aeon and Trevor lose their partners. I think this gives Aeon's final line ("You know, some people are never meant to be together") its wonderful irony. She is obviously speaking of herself and Trevor, and she clearly means just the opposite of what she says.

I think the whole episode is about the futility inherent in Aeon's and Trevor's relationship. Well, there are several futilities in that relationship, but this particular one is about their attempts to stay apart. Trevor and Aeon are meant to be together - this entire series is their story.

What do you think?

-- Charles Martin (charmaine@dfn.com), June 27, 1998


The episode guide has some interesting thoughts on the relationships in Isthmus Crypticus.

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), June 27, 1998.

There's something significant going on when aeon clicks those two pieces of machinery together. I saw it as some sort bomb or energy ammo that she clicked onto the gun and later used to blow hole in the wall between the male and female. Therefore, it's that piece of machinery that is meant to reunite the seraph trevs. Symbolically, the two fit together perfectly and will fit with none of the other pieces on the table. They were made just for each other, the same way the seraph trevs were. That's why aeon says 'A match made in heaven'. Then, (while looking at the Goodchild Tower) she says 'you see, Trevor, you're the odd man out' meaning that Trevor doesn't belong in the picture. Also, there's some irony. In many ways *Aeon* is the odd man out, meaning that she's the only one not emotionally involved with a seraph trev.

-- Frostbite (foo@bar.com), June 30, 1998.

However, Aeon does have an emotional connection to the Seraph-trev, if you think about it: her goal throughout the episode is to reunite them, despite the fact that Trevor and Una would separate the Seraph-trev couple so that they could have a relationship of their own. Just because Aeon doesn't have a fit when her plan to unite them is foiled, doesn't mean she didn't have a desire to see these two beings happy.

-- Mat Rebholz (mer5@dana.ucc.nau.edu), July 08, 1998.

I don't think that Trevor drove Aeon to having a relationship with Una, or that Aeon drove Trevor to having a relationship with the Seraph-trev. Throughout the series, we see both of them having relationships on the side. I don't think this is any different in "Isthmus Crypticus". Other individuals enter into Aeon and Trevor's games on numerous occasions.

-- Mat Rebholz (mer5@dana.ucc.nau.edu), July 10, 1998.

I always thought when Fon said "Some people were never meant to be together..." she was referring to either the two seraf trevs (sp?) or Trevor and the one female seraf-trev. Most likely I think she was talking about the latter, since Trevor seems to be so disturbed about her death, like his words, "She didn't deserve this"

-- B.Perry (perry@mfi.net), November 01, 1998.

I disagree with the last comment........what Trevor says at the end.......is.....something like....."she doesn't deserve this".....and I always thought he was referring to the ecstasy of being in the Serif-trev's embrace and was talking about Una......

all this talk about relationships.......do you think it qualifies?? it seems a very.....sexual love to me.....that Trevor and the Serif- Trev share.......not a relationship but a surrender to lust....as if the bird woman's power over him...is complete......instead of his power over her.......it seems....Trevor is the one in chains in this episode....utterly enslaved by his attraction to the Serif-Trev.....

I found.....the first time I watched this episode........I loved Una....she was my heroine.........then after watching it a few times......all the little weaknesses in her character come out.........the flaws.....

and Aeon didn't seem so heartless after all.....

okay...but now for the biggest question of all......


I have a theory.....that it is to highlight.....the......almost parasitic nature of the Serif-Trevs.....but this theory is still half- arsed......*S*

-- Marionetta (marionetta@hotmail.com), December 03, 1998.

About the comment "You know, some people were never meant to be together":

In this show, people sometimes say one thing but you can tell by their tone or the curcumstances that they mean someting completely different. Perhaps when she says "some people were never meant to be together" what she really means is "Trevor, you and I were meant to be together"

-- Frostbite (SlipperyMermaid@bar.com), December 03, 1998.

Yeah, reading this answer again I find I like your insight here Frostbite. You're right, she says one thing, but her look and tone say another.

-- Barb e (Suesuesbeo@cs.com), June 28, 2001.

I could be wrong, but I always thought the significance of the bug crawling from the male Serif-Trev to Una was another example of 'some people not being meant for each other.' While it wasn't shown, I assumed that Una eventually died from this exposure, much as the female Serif Trev died from the wasp sting. Anybody have some thoughts on this?

-- Duane (hillbillyboy70@aol.com), September 14, 2001.

I've always felt the relationship of Trevor to the Seraf Trev was due to his direct disappointments in his relationship with Aeon. It's plain to see Trevor's 'fatherly' care would be near suffocating. Aeon would be crushed by his caretaking attitude: "Let me possess you utterly." Aeon protects herself by shutting down emotionally. She gives him her complete passion, not her heart. Trevor is so desperate for her love that he reaches out to a heavenly being, which shows what sort of love he really craves of Aeon. His desire is for her 'pure' love. The untainted, untouched wholesouled kind of love that only a real lover gives. (You have to admit, Aeon in love would kill anyone). Aeon, when she says 'some people were never meant to be together' touches on the fact that she won't show him that part of herself. She won't tip her hand...and Una represents the symbolism of the unattainableness of that kind of success in love.

-- Barb e. (Suesuebeo9@cs.com), September 21, 2001.

I'm with Frostbite on the whole "meant to be together" issue.

As for the seraph trev's, I see them as the incarnation of beauty and exoticism. I think Trevor misinterprets his fascination with the female as love. I also think the tone in his voice at the ends suggests that he knows he and Aeon are meant to be together, but he's just tired of the whole damn thing. Una, I think has similar feelings about the male, but she just seems less self-aware all the way around to me. Una's kind of neat in a Robin to Aeon's Batman kind of way, but that's where my interest in her ends. Ilbren's interest in the female appears to be much the same as Trevor's. Aeon is the only one who has the creatures' best interest in mind and probably for fairly selfish reasons.

As for the bug, I think it was showing that even though you can touch beauty, it can in turn destroy you. But maybe that's a bit much, I dunno.

Honestly, this is probably my least favorite episode, all in all. Aeon's got two good lines. The "maybe some people just aren't meant to be togther," and then after Trevor tells her to go to hell, she responds, "Will you fly me there?" That, by me, is classic Aeon.

-- Dr. Razzmatazz (boogiebaby37@yahoo.com), September 26, 2001.

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