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Is there a booster that can be wired directly to the two (unlabled) terminals on the unit. My understanding is that MRC has a booster planned, but has not released it yet, and these two terminals are meant for the booster. Anybody know anythng about this issue?

-- John Johnston (, June 25, 1998


I saw a list of MRC products due to be released by 12/98 at my local hobby shop (which is a MRC direct dealer) and a booster for the Command 2000 was included for release later this year. Also, the Command 4000 was listed... I do not have any more information on the specifications of these products. MRC's fax to the hobby shop said the information would be forthcoming later this year.

-- Jeff Warner (, June 27, 1998.

I just got information from MRC that they will bring out an 8 amp booster called the Power Station 8 with a list price of $289.95. (their part number AD501). They also will have an auto reverse module at $34.98 list (part no. AD520.) Finally they will have an AC transformer for the Command 200 (AD510) rated at 65 Watts, priced at $39.98 list (I am assumung that means 3.6 amps at 18 VAC). Right now I am using a 4 amp 18 VAC transformer that I bought from Hosfelt Electronics (P/N 56-590, price $24.95). Hosfelt has a very useful catalog of general electronic components 1-800-524-6464

-- John Johnston (, August 01, 1998.

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