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After surfing several sites I still can't seem to find a definitive answer to this easy one? Is MS Window 95 and/or NT Y2K compliant? Or, since it is an operating system vs. an application, is it not effected by the rollover??

Thanking all responses in Advance>>>> Mike R

-- Mike Roberts (, June 25, 1998


Dear Mike R.

Windows 3.x and Windows 95 are not Y2K compliant. This has not been widely publicized.

A downloadable patch file is available from Microsoft at:

Personally, I have been thinking the best solution may be a purchase of Windows 98.

Pastor Steve

-- Rev. Stephen L. Bening (, June 25, 1998.

I know Windows NT as purchased in the stores is not Y2K compliant. I would guess Windows 95 is not either.

For those that don't know, Microsoft creates "hot fixes" to its applications (including operating systems) which it posts on the internet. Periodically, these hot fixes are combined into a "Service Pack."

Windows NT 4.0 latest is Service Pack 3 (SP3). There are many hot fixes after SP3, including one for Y2K. Post SP3 hot fixes are available at

I suggest you seek professional help in supporting your computers. You need it. I know it is expensive, but you can lease part-time help if you are a small shop. Think of the cost of having your computer fail because you didn't load a hot fix. Now how much is professional help worth?

-- Daniel J. Theunissen (, June 25, 1998.

hhhmmmm, I have windows 95. I set the date and time to December 31, 1999 11:55 pm, then shut my PC down. I waited 10 minutes, then turned it back on, the date read January 1, 2000.

OK, that the way you test isn't it? It is according to many sources on the NET. From what I understand, it's more the individual programs that might have trouble with the year 2000, and I don't mean just windows programs. Besides, Windows programs don't do a lot of comparing dates, that's when the problems arise. So the programs you use are the real issue, contact the software venders to make sure they are 2000 compliant. Give your system the test, don't have any programs running at the time you change the date though.

I have one of the newest versions of windows 95, that might be why I have a compliant system.

-- John Miller (, July 01, 1998.

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