Dr.S.F.Long and the Buena Vista Sanatorium

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Who was Dr. Long, and when did he operate the Sanatorium at 21 Buena Vista East? The telephone number there was Park 155, and he had an office at 135 Geary, where the telephone was Bush 43.

-- Kathleen C. Hagan (Kchristein@Juno.com), June 25, 1998


In answer to my own question, I've uncovered some facts about Dr. Seely F. Long using aids in the History Room, 6th floor, SF Public Library. Apparently, he was born in New Brunswick, and began the practice of medicine in SF in 1883. The sanatorium at 21 Buena Vista East seemed to date from about 1901, although I found Dr. Long's name associated with the address there in the 1884 SF block book. Interestingly, I discovered that he had two sons who became physicians, and were active in SF. I hope to find out if the building there, which still stands, was built by Dr. Long. .

-- Kathleen C. Hagan (Kchristein@Juno.com), July 14, 1998.

Correction and Update: The year of the SF City blockbook to which I referred previously should read 1894, instead of the earlier date given. As for the number of Dr. Long's sons who became physicians, the count has increased. There were three of them, not two!

-- Kathleen Hagan (Kchristein@Juno.com), July 18, 1998.

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