600e and Intel Netports

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Anyone experiencing problems trying to hook up 600e's to intel Netports please E-mail or if you have no problems please Email me. Onyx support knowledge is limited to misleading on this topic would appreciate any feedback.

-- Anonymous, June 24, 1998


Couple of things Erik Swanson told me to get our Intel Netport to work:

1. Make sure the unit you have says "Intel NetportExpress PRO/100". If it does not say this, it is the wrong one.

2. You must set up the Intel from a PC - no Mac setup programs.

3. When configuring the Device Properties, set the Port speed to High (Onyx recommends Low), and enable Bi-directional. Ignore Auto Line feed.

4. Do the TCP/IP address per your situation. (This would take alot to explain - if you don't know about this, you should NOT be configuring this device - IMMEDIATELY go get someone who knows what TCP/IP addresses are and how to configure them BEFORE proceeding.)

5. In Onyx 4.0, setup the printer and go to the port tab. Select "TCP/IP Printer", and click the configure button. A dialog box will come up asking for the IP address of the Intel Netport. Enter the correct value. The space below that IP address asks for the name of the printer: You must enter "LPT1_PASSTHRU" as the name of the printer in order for the intel to not scramble the data. If you fail to do this, stray lines will appear in your graphic.

Hope this helps.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 1998

Just to add a bit... If you have the multiple port model, the second port is addressed by placing "LPT2_PASSTHRU" in the second box in the TCP/IP port configuration dialog in PosterShop. The serial port on the NetPort device is not supported at all.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 1998

Let me conclude this topic with the Firmware version for the intel netport express, and 100/BT net working.. You MUST have the flashrom upgraded to 4.42a, off the intel site.. This allows you to force the Print server box to negotiate at 100mb/s... The two dip switches need to be set. The left one = Down, the rightside = up.



-- Anonymous, September 04, 1998

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