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Does anyone else notice a crash almost everytime you try to edit the tiles? PosterShop Server 3.5 NT 3.5 sp5

-- Anonymous, June 24, 1998


I can't help, but I can sympathize. I have had trouble with tiling since Postershop came out. I can only get it to work on relatively small files and when I have 2-4 GB of free space for my /psrip/temp directory and /work directory. Maybe someone from Onyx could explain how it works...

-- Anonymous, June 25, 1998

Same thing happens to us, but only on larger files, Rip is stable otherwise.

-- Anonymous, June 29, 1998

Here's what happens, we print a billboard in tiles. We might have to run one tile over, so I right click on the job file in the que, I click on edit tiles button, the window opens and crash. Almost every time. Dr Spock or somebody tells me I've had a seizure. And everything disappears.

-- Anonymous, July 24, 1998

The crashing that we see when we are editing the files seems to be limited to the times that we have the queues very full [40 or more files in the buffer queue]. When we remove the files out of the buffer queues that seems to help that problem.

The problem that we are having that can't figure out started in 3.6 and we are still seeing in 4.0. When tiling files [of random properties] we cannot touch the setting of the location of the tiles [either numerically or by dragging]. If we adjust the tile settings at all we get an extra row of tiles that have a height of 0.00, but that show up in the queue. This is ok, because we will just not print them, but the problem that is keeping me up is that on the even tiles [2, 4, 6...] there is a registration problem of about 2 inches. It only seems to be from the Cyan channel, and is consistent. The fix is that we cannot adjust the tile widths, but that is not a good fix. [Sometimes you can edit them and not get the row of the registration problem, but once a file is a problem it will always be.]

Our system configuration is a Pentium II Dual 300Mhz with 512MB, 18G Ripping/Temp Space, and 4G input Space so that is probably not the problem. We are printing to a RasterGraphics 5442 E-Stat Printer.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1998

I noticed you are running PosterShop under NT 3.5 - how is that going, other than the tiling problem? We haven't tested PosterShop on the NT 3.5 OS since the 4.0 beta came out two years ago.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 1998

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