darkroom and white walls

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I will be setting up a darkroom in my kitchen, so I really can't alter the white counters, white refridgerator and some white wall space.

I was wondering how this will effect things. I will be purchasing a Thompson safe light, if that helps to answer this question.

Also, does anyone know where to purchase black out cloth? Not the black plastic, but black cloth that has sort of a rubber like backing.

Thanks, Raven

-- Raven Moss (mtand13@netreach.net), June 24, 1998


P.S. The cabinets are dark, but the ceiling is white.

-- Raven (mtand13@netreach.net), June 24, 1998.

It may sound strange, but white is a good colour for darkrooms, because it spreads the safe light around very nicely. (Similarly, black is a good colour for studios, because it gives you better control of the light).

However, watch out for the area around the enlarger, especially shiny surfaces like ceramic tiles. If the enlarger leaks white light, this can fog the photo paper, so you could paint the surrounding area black.

-- Alan Gibson (gibson.al@mail.dec.com), June 25, 1998.

If you get the Thomas safe light I suggest you get it with the right to return it within 15 days or so and immediately perform a good safe light fogging test as outlined in Ansel Adams' book "The Print" or as recommended by Kodak. Kodak's test is a little more involved than Ansel Adams' test as I recall. I suggest this because the Thomas light is notorious for creating fogging problems.

-- Brian Ellis (beellis@gte.net), June 25, 1998.

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