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I get my water from a small PSD. I asked the manager about Y2K, he knew nothing about it. He said the equipment was "mostly" non computerized, however, they share some resources with another PSD which is computerized. He was unsure of which resources. My manager said they dont have a generator. He wants more info, but, no one there has Internet access.

-- Free Life (, June 24, 1998


Material to raise Y2k water awareness

Our new Y2K Water Website contains a lot of information to help water districts to understand the Year 2000 chalenge.

Its URL is

Since no one there has Internet access you can print the material you find interesting and pass it to them. Everything on is public domain and can be freely reproduced.

The two articles :

Water Utilities Are Struggling To Fight The Bug


The need of a water run-out emergency plan

are ment to help raise the awareness.

There are also a Starter Guide and a real life Case Study.

-- Daniel Cormier (, June 25, 1998.

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