Encad Novajet Pro600e w/ Postershop 4

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If anyone is running Postershop 4 with the new Encad Novajet Pro600e - Check to see if the paper options defaults back to "ROLL" between jobs. We set it to "Take Up" and as soon as a job is sent to the printer, it defaults back to "Roll".

Does this happend to anyone else?

Jon Pennington Adage Graphics http://www.adagegraphics.com

-- Anonymous, June 23, 1998


I have noticed this problem and it defaults to 4 pass mode. This seems to be an Onyx problem. The header for remote control has a error in it.

To get around this, simple select "Use Printer Setting" in the setup for the plotter. Then, set up the Nova Jet manually. This will surely be corrected on a later release.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 1998

We have bypassed this issue, by using the printer settings on all medias.. Its frustrating to have to learn about these issues when we have come so far with this software..


-- Anonymous, September 04, 1998

This has been solved in version 4.2, which has been shipped out to all Tech Support contract customers. It is available to non-contract customers for a price through Onyx Graphics (801) 568-9900

-- Anonymous, September 21, 1998

Take-up roller resetting on Novajet 600e

This problem was a PosterShop problem which has been fixed. The easiest solution for you is to upgrade to 4.2 where the fix is already in place. If this is not practical contact Onyx and they may be able to send you the replacement .dll files required for the fix

-- Anonymous, January 11, 1999

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