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I read someone's prediction some time back that we could gauge the level of public awareness of Y2K when a book makes the best sellers lists. Just today, my daughter-in-law, who is the manager of a Supercrown bookstore in S. California, told me that they cannot keep "Time Bomb 2000" on the shelves this is going onto the Crown Corp's best seller list and will probably hit the New York Times Best Seller List within the next two weeks, if running true to form for best sellers. If this is true congratulations to the Yourdons, and should we look for the beginning of more public awareness, hence more panic? What does everyone think?

-- Donna Barthuley (, June 22, 1998


I think that in the U.S., the Y2k won't "hit the fan" until after the November elections. Too many incumbants like the status-quo. I don't think the Democrats can use Y2K to their advantage to re-take the House, because the Republicans would just blame the White House for letting things get so bad.

-- anon (, June 24, 1998.

Gary North just announced he's taking down his y2k web site on July 1 due to the expense of maintaining it. He also mentioned the site was getting massive amounts of traffic, which indicates growing awareness. North's appearance on the Art Bell show a couple of weeks ago got him a good deal of exposure, probably to a 'fresh' audience. I imagine a good deal of interest has grown out of that interview, which is being replayed on tape on at least one other radio talk show.

I agree that the October/November time frame is a likely one for this issue to begin to approach critical mass. Y2K is already a campaign issue for the Republicans- they're trying to make AlGore the y2k poster child. If only they'd spend as much energy fixing the problems as they will trying to fix the blame... .

A "monitor" at a deep south "watchdog organization" attributes the actions of the extremists out west who recently killed a cop and prompted a multistate manhunt to y2k millenialist ravings. I'd say the issue is surfacing more and more as time goes on, now that it's being "spun" in all directions.By the way, since this "connection" has been established it might be wise to be careful in your own survivalist millenialist y2k ravings. Not that I'm paranoid or anything... .

Thanks for the update on how the Yourdon's book is doing. I keep giving away copies myself, it seems... .


-- Lee P. Lapin (, June 25, 1998.

Clarification: North is talking about taking down his Y2K discussion and preparations forums, which are costing him about $2,000 per month. He will keep his Y2K news and comments web site.

-- Gary Good (, June 25, 1998.

_TIME BOMB 2000_ is now Number 4 on _Publishers Weekly_ Computer Bestseller List, in the General category. The list was issued today. It has not yet appeared on the more general category of trade paperback but this is an indication that awareness is spreading. See (whew!) for the full list.

Congratulations to the authors!


-- Lee P. Lapin (, June 29, 1998.

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