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A fun and provocative question...if you could go back 2000 years, and live during the time from Jesus' birth to the resurrection, and even after, when would you like to have lived, what part of his life would you have wanted to share in...would you like to have been a shepherd at the nativity, sharing the divine secret that the One had been born? Would you like to have been an elder at the temple, marvelling at the Child Jesus' words and wisdom? Jesus' playmate? Mary's midwife? One of the throngs laying down palms before him, crying Hosanna? One of those fed from the loaves and fishes? One of those healed, like the woman with the hemorrage? Would you want to be one accompanying him on his terrible walk to his death? Would you want to be in the Cenacle, with Our Lady, feeling the Holy Spirit come down, or one of those for whom Jesus cooked breakfast when He arose? Or maybe you'd like to be part of the early church...interesting quesiton.

-- Anonymous, June 22, 1998



What a fascinating question! I often picture Heaven as being the place where we will be able to see all of History. We'll be able to witness any event in history. I don't know if that has any theological foundation or not!

I've been thinking about this, and the scene I would most like to witness would be to see the look in Our Lord and Our Lady's eyes at the moment when she first saw Him carrying His cross to Calvary...

I never seem to be able to think of anything but that moment when I mediate on the 4th Sorrowful Mystery...

-- Anonymous, June 25, 1998

I would have liked to have witnessed the scene between St. Peter and Jesus after Peter had denied Him three times. When their eyes met, it must have been a moment of absolute understanding on Peter's part, for he went out and wept bitterly. And though Peter had denied Him three times, Jesus knew that he loved Him "more than these" and as a result, Jesus ended up giving him the "keys to the Kingdom".

-- Anonymous, June 25, 1998

What a neat thought. I know I wouldn't want to be any of the 'main characters.' It would be fun to have seen him as a baby and played with his little toesies. But then, that's fun with any baby. I suppose, if I had to choose, I would wish to have been in the crowd when the pharasees (sp??) came with their questions just to trick Jesus. (Should there be taxes?, Should one 'harvest' on Sunday? etc.)

But then, ask me again next week and I'll probably want to have witnessed something else. Though I won't change my mind on the toesies! :-)

-- Anonymous, June 25, 1998

I tend to think of Jesus, even with all of his sorrows, as being a man with a sense of humor, a particularly semantic sense of humor which finds it's joy in word play. For that reason, out of the many times in Jesus' life in which I'd like to have lived, I'd like to have been witness to the times when Jesus appreciated a joke or a salient point...example when the gentile woman asked Jesus for a favor and he said it was not for the dogs...she said, "even the dogs get the scraps from the table..." in my mind, Jesus didn't just appreciate her comeback, I think he would have put his head back and roared to have been "bested". Likewise, when he called Herod "that fox...go tell that fox I cast out demons" and the whole conversation with Joseph of Aramethea, concerning how one might be born again...can't you just see them...with their yarmulke's going one for one? I love it. On a more serious note...I think I'd like to be in the crowd when they called for Barabbas....except I would have called for Jesus. I wonder if those people really knew what they were asking for...."Bar" being "son of" and "abbas" being a form of "father"....did they know they were asking for the Son of the Father, and were therefore asking, as we all are, for Jesus? :-)

-- Anonymous, June 26, 1998

What a great question! I think I would like to be one of the two people Jesus walked with on the road to Emaeus. I just read that passage and think of how they listened to him explain things and then...the moment of moments: they recognized him in the breaking of the bread! Makes me teary eyed and filled with all sorts of awe whenever I read this. They saw the resurrected Christ! What a wonderous thing that would be!

-- Anonymous, June 26, 1998

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