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When, and why was Queens Valley renamed "Tenderloin"?

-- Garrett Jenkins (, June 21, 1998


The reason for the name Tenderloin: due to the many restaurants which served the specialty of Beef Tenderloin. For the middle classes eating out, and well, was a status symbol durring the Industrial Revolution. Since most new money were of the middle classes previously they were not versed in the etiquette of the upper classes. Simply, it was a place to see and be seen. The proximity to the best hotels and shops in the city made its local synonomous with the culinary. The name change may have been in later times when the slang caught on and the old neighborhood lost its old-fashioned name? I was not aware of the name, Queens Valley. The area later became a haven for prostitution and both names could be quite fitting. The royal reference of queen could have to do with other such references throughout the city. For example, Mount Olympus is remenicent of the Greek Gods and Godesses...also the overwhelming wealth that the gold rush brought elevated mere mortals to the level of Kings and Queens in their own right. That is my observation of 20 years as a San Franciscan.

-- Jonathan M Horstman (, August 15, 1998.

My family had a farm in today's CHINATOWN. 1390 Powell Street was the address and when they sold it a small portion of the property was donated to S.F. It is called "Fisher Alley". How can I get more information on the title and deed of this property and my family's history?

-- Valerie JANE Fisher Ongankul (, January 10, 1999.

In response to the "farm question", the Assessor/Recorder's Office on the first floor of City Hall will have that information. Go there with the address, and you can trace the deeds on the place and records of sale.

-- Kate Williamson (, August 02, 2001.

I waswondering if the land asscsor documents are available online?

-- VJF (, December 03, 2002.

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