Y2K Sanctuary In Southern Colorado Rockies

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I am presently building my own Y2K Sanctuary on one of my two contiguous 35 acre parcels, located in the most secluded and beautiful area of the southern Colorado Rockies. Property is located on the west upper elevations of the Wet Mountains, staring eyeball-to-eyeball with the 14,000 foot peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. More than 2 million acres of federal land adjoin the property, and wildlife is everywhere, and gardening is good.

I am looking for a "Y2K Aware" person or family to purchase my other 35 acre parcel who can become a good neighbor thru Y2K & beyond. I can send you further info by e-mail or FAX, including photos, if you contact me at:


-- John K. (koivulaw@mci2000.com), June 20, 1998


There are a lot of sanctuaries out there. For example, Canada has vast remote stretches. To be even more specific, check out south-western Manitoba near the depopulated town of Lauder. Old houses for $3,000 Cdn. Only one million people in the entire province. A large city of 600,000 a few hours drive away. A murder rate one-fifth that of the U.S.A.. Hot summers and very cold winters. An area considerably larger than most of the individual states. So much room ; so few people. You get the idea. Check out Winnipeg's website. Even the houses in Winnipeg proper are fairly cheap. The choices and the truth is out there.

-- joshua (aaa@bbb.com), June 20, 1998.

I had the good fortune to pass thru the Wet Mountain Valley and the Sangre de Cristos back in 1992 with an old college buddy of mine, and spent a few wonderful days trout fishing in those mountain lakes in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area. I think that area is both remote, beautiful and survivable year round. If you absolutely had to you could easily survive on venison and trout, which is not a bad way to go! Please forward to me any further information you may have.

-- Steve Lowery (lakota106@aol.com), June 21, 1998.

I was skiing in Red River, New Mexico near Taos this past winter. I believe the Sangre de Cristos run right past Red River & Taos to the south. I absolutely loved it there, and want to go back this summer to look for property with my wife. How far is your property from New Mexico?

-- Tom Salter (ids@provide.net), June 21, 1998.

Taos and Red River, New Mexico are about 90 miles to the south. It is a fun 3-4 hour ride if you take the backroads, and a whole day adventure if you go thru the Great Sand Dunes National Monument which allows you to cut over the spine of the Sangres thru Mosca Pass. Try it sometimes, but only if you have 4WD.

-- John K. (koivulaw@mci2000.com), June 21, 1998.

My wife & I are somewhat familiar with that area -- believe it is called "Little Switzerland" and is just north of the Spanish Peaks, right? How long is your growing season and availability of water. My family requires a good sized garden and room for 2 horses. How is forage, winter climate?

-- Richard D. Zaharie (bazrdz@dmci.net), June 21, 1998.

Growing season is a bit shorter, being from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but there is constant sunshine which makes up for any difference. We start our garden plants indoors in April & May and they are ready to go come last week in May. As to forage, the meadows of the property and area support all kinds of mule deer and elk, so a few horses will do very well indeed.

-- John K. (koivulaw@mci2000.com), June 22, 1998.

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