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I recently climbed a small mountain called "Turkey's Peak" in central Texas on a class trip. I loved it. I'm seriously considering making mountain climbing a huge part of my life. I am also planning on moving to more mountenous terraine when I graduate in the Spring. 1. What are some of the benefits from climbing? (psychological, social, spiritual, physical, vocational, and environmental) 2. What are some of the special consedertions involved such as: the costs of equipment, travel, time involved to be trained, etc...? 3. What are some of the possible future changes in climbing? 4. What are the risks involved? 5. Is there any other information you feel young future climbers should know about climbing?

-- David Anzaldua (, June 18, 1998


Why not. I cannot think of a better way to spend a lifetime!

-- Chris Bechberger (, August 12, 1998.

1.To quote Lynn Hill, you would be living and alternative, non-materialistic lifestyle that stresses closeness to nature, and pushing personal boundaries (psych,spiritual,physical) in the most beautiful settings on the face of the earth, and sharing these experiences with other people who feel as you do. 2.)You will have no money, and no life as society defines it, but what do youcare?? You don't let other people define your own experiences for you. 4.) The same as in will eventually die (although not necessarily on the rock). You must ask yourself also, what are the risks of living a life not fully explored?? There are also risks associated with living a life on the couch) 5.) Buy the book "Mountaineering- The Freedom of the Hills" for info, and read the mags (Climbing, Rock and Ice) for psyche...

-- (, January 12, 1999.

Much like the answer you hear when people ask "how much is it?" if you have to ask maybe it's not for you,if your not driven to it,and consumed by it then the commitment,both physical and financial, required to be a "devoted" mountaineer may be too much.Deep devotion to the "lifestyle" has ruined many friendships,marriages,bank accounts,human bodies and "ordinary" lives. It's sink or swim, Best of Luck Jeff Savioe

P.S. Your mother won't like it!

-- Jeff Savoie (, January 19, 2002.

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