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US Power Grid Experts Issue Major Y2K Warning
Not Whether But How Severe

-- FreeLife (freedom2k@yahoo.com), June 18, 1998


As long as you offer us info and are willing to answer questions about your product, and, don't just have a lot of "sales talk" with no substance...fine! Welcome!

-- Web Master (SelfReliance@iname.com), June 26, 1998.

before i jump into this forum..... is it cool for a commercial vendor? i sell steam engine power plants, best sized on home scales have much to tell, but i need permission thanx skip goebel sensible steam

-- skip goebel of sensible steam consultants (146942@msn.com), June 26, 1998.

ok! here is the deal....when it comes to steam engine gensets, i have more than just paper to sell, i have hardware. yes those are my articles in homepower magazine, backwoods home mag, etc....and my vids in lehmans, real goods etc... best place to start is the website which is www.geocities.com/researchtriangle/6362 then, give me a call early in the am or late pm at 417 336 2869 i have steam powered gensets from 500 watts to 50k watts, figure between $1 to $5 a watt for complete sets. used available too. good day skip goebel sensible steam consultants 152 von goebels lane branson, mo 65616

-- skip goebel of sensible steam (146942@msn.com), June 29, 1998.

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