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A columinist in our local paper named Mike Beatty takes the disinformation award of clippings read throughout the United States. He states. For those non-compliant computers, most can be fixed with a small free software program that is available from several Internet sites. This will ensure that your computers date clock will read 2000. I doubt that the y2k problem will be as drastic as the "doomsayers" predict. Companies that want to stay in busisness after the year 2000 will have corrected their problems way before the turn of the century. I cant imagine how much business a bank or brokerage firm would lose by allowing its computers to jumble client accounts. Major operating systems in all corporations are structured around backup systems. So neclear reactors will not shut down! Air planes wil not fall from the sky. Id be more worried about the cash register at your favorite restaurant than any large computer system. Please remember, fear sells. Could any body call up or send this guy some real factual info on the 2yk? His name again is Mike Beatty. He is the president of Prescott Investor Services Inc. His phone is 520-717-2000 (no joke). Address is 747 Whipple St. Prescott, AZ. 86301. How would you like this guy to be your brother/sister's financial investment advisor? Wonder how many people hes sent down the wrong road so far?

-- Greg Wiatt (, June 18, 1998


Almost any investment counselor will try and debunk Y2k problems. They fear for their livelihood. No investors means they have no income. Can't say that I blame them, but I just keep thinking of the people getting potentially harmful information. Does this guy have an email address?

-- Frank Anderson, Jr. (, June 18, 1998.

I finally convinced my stockbroker that Y2k was a major problem for his investors and he sent out a full page newsletter to that fact, and has had movement from some of his clients already from his recommendations. He even emailed me and asked where and what kind of generator he should get...and I am a woman with no mechanical aptititude, so there is hope yet.

-- Laurane (, June 19, 1998.

Brokers and financial advisers are really between a rock and a hard place. The SEC (Security Exchange Commission) has made it clear to companies, funds managers, etc. that they must disclose what they know about the risks Y2K poses to their respective oversight obligations.

It seems it would literally be better to know nothing than to know "something". Y2K is virtually impossible to understand when it comes to possible financial impact. NO ONE KNOWS and anyone who says they do are simply ego maniacs. So this leaves us all up in the air and we all have to study, do our homework, and MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS. This is not the time to trust ANYONE by yourself with your financial decisions.


-- Pastor Chris (, June 19, 1998.

The sentence above should read "but yourself" rather than "by yourself. :):)

-- Pastor Chris (, June 19, 1998.

We need to be careful when using the "disinformation" label. Everyone in this country is entitled to an opinion, no matter how foolish it may be -- and some of that foolishness is bound to appear in print. As this y2k thing progresses, I'm finding some folks are utterly incapable of comprehending (or believing) that such a problem could occur. This state of "denial" has been well discussed on these let's not assume media efforts are necessarily to confuse or mislead us. Just ignore the turkeys. Anita E.

-- A. Evangelista (, June 21, 1998.

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