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We are an older couple considering the advisability of relocating in order to be near others who share similar interests for mutual help and support as y2k closes in. We are committed Christians, however we have avoided linking up with the so-called covenant communities which seem to have agenda that goes farther than just surviving y2k.

We are hoping to find a suitable family or group who are willing to make provision for setting up a travel trailer or 35 ft. park model with utilities and waste disposal. We are currently selling mail order nutritional products from home, and would probably continue at the new location, but we are both willing to share in household chores, home maintenance, repairs, gardening, etc. in exchange for space at the proposed facility. We're not desperate, but we are sincere in wanting to do only that which is right in the sight of God.

There are many folks with farms or acreage suitable for accomodating others, but who are reluctant to open themselves to total strangers. This forum appears to be an excellent vehicle for people to get to know each other and to evaluate the potential opportunity to be of help to each other. I believe it would be wise, however, to give only as much personal information publicly as needed to promote e-mail follow-up, and then to use discretion and great care in what is divulged and when it is fitting to make it known.

Roy & Merle

-- Roy Cave (, June 17, 1998


Posted by Syd Cleo Torres on June 20, 1998 at 21:02:29:

Dear Roy & Merle,

Would be happy to have you consider joining us. Following is a post I put up today in several forums.


Syd Torres

In preparation for Y2K survival, we have been looking for land for several months. We are in San Antonio, TX and we have located a piece that we think will fit our needs and are ready to buy it. We still have room for 3-4 people in our group, which is mostly made of of people in 30-40 age range, middle class, new age and practical. There are other parcels of land adjoining ours that can be had for a reasonable price. The land is 2 mi. down a 5 mi. dirt road outside of a town of approx. 1,500, therefore, pretty remote. Part of the deal is that the seller will put a working well in place on each property, wherever the buyer directs, as part of the purchase price. Electricity is available, for as long as it lasts, and there is a creek .6 mi. away suitable for swimming. The land has plenty of trees on it for shade, wood and cover. The other landowners on all sides are ranches, 400-800 acres, so you can see no other homes from the land. The closest ones are actually 2 mi. away.

We are planning on selling shares for $5,000 per adult. What you get for your $5k is the right to park your trailer, camper, or whatever on the land for the duration, the use of the well, a share in the common garden, land for your own garden, if you wish. You will be expected to contribute to and have a right to use a common stockpile of food, tools, etc. We plan to use alternative power sources, either solar or wind, to pump the well. We also plan to build a "community center" which will include a slab with a roofed, screened area for eating and maybe sleeping in the summer, barbeque, and a root cellar.

Please no extremists, radicals, or religous right.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please respond by email. Thanks for your interest.

-- Syd Torres (, June 20, 1998.

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