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There are over 1.2 million prisoners in US penitentiaries. Half of them are there for violent crimes. What will happen to them if there is no power, food or water for even one week?

-- Don Alkema (, June 17, 1998


Don mentioned that:

"There are over 1.2 million prisoners in US penitentiaries. Half of them are there for violent crimes. What will happen to them if there is no power, food or water for even one week?"

There is a great deal of violent crime outside the prison systems that is equal to or surpasses that which is inside.

There will be social disorder quickly, but even the violent know that it is survival and that there could be more to gain by non violent means as well as the "king of the Mountain" mindset.

-- Dave Jones (, June 17, 1998.

I have a friend who is a CO in a county correctional facility. They must be backward, they still call it a 'prison'.

He was quite graphic....nobody HATES those prisoners as much as their guards. The guards regard them as an ENEMY.

He would not say what might happen if things go real bad. The impression I got was that the guards have no loyalty to the prison system at all and would gladly go home once the power stays off any length of time. He also said most of the guards live near the prisons with their families, and most would NEVER allow those prisoners loose near their families.

The implication was quite clear.

-- art (, June 18, 1998.

I have gotten a number of responses for my question. Most say the guards are going to lock the prisons down and leave. The most interesting was from a preacher in North Carolina. He leads a baptist church near Ft, Bragg. He says that the military has leveled off a 400 acre site and put double fence 12 ft high with razor wire around it. It is criss- crossed with sewer and water pipes so an instant Nazi style concentration camp can be built over night to house prisoners (80.000). I don't know if this is true or not because I can't verify it but the preacher says military people in his church have told him about it. Maybe someone who has seen it can verify it exists.

-- Don Alkema (, June 18, 1998.

The Fort Bragg "prison site" sounds like another one of those New World Order myths. Did the preacher see troops in blue berets walking perimeter duty, or Sov-bloc tanks under tarps on a nearby railroad siding, or black helicopters patrolling overhead? I'd need a LOT more info before taking this one seriously.

-- J.D. Clark (, June 22, 1998.

To: J.D. Clark Wise UP buddy! I'm an ex-military officer/pilot. I can confirm many military installations have WWII style stockades...razor wire, patrol-ways, cleared fields surrounding the stockades (which will undoubtedly be mined), guard towers, etc... Also, the UN IS HERE! Many ex-soviet block troops intermingled with our instructors/trainers. Also, the UN has either purchased, (or more than likely the U.S. gov. "donated" ) aircraft from us. The ones I have seen have been painted entirely white, with large U.N. letters in powder blue. NO N numbers were seen on the aircraft. As for "black" helicopters, this is simply an IR (infra-red) suppressant paint. A radical change from the old high gloss red/white, or OD green/white paint jobs we used to employ. Also the "tail numbers" being painted in black, blend with the green/black of the IR paint making them very hard to read.

-- slingshot (, June 24, 1998.

To: slingshot. Wise UP buddy! The world doesn't need another Timothy McVeigh! I usually just lurk, but the microchip implanted in my ass commanded me to respond. Man, I can't believe this weather we've been having! Must be that darn government weather machine. Hee-Hee

-- Connie L. (, June 25, 1998.

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