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Are you a family, group, or community already at your location looking for another member? My accounting skills could track your inventories and project how long they will last. My masters degree in horticulture would enhance your garden. My avocation of alternative healing will make you well. My affinity for healthy food will keep you healthy.

Will you please contact me so that we can have a dialogue about this?


-- Virginia Story (vstory@redbrick.com), June 16, 1998


Virginia, what is your general area (state) I come in contact with alot of people on the net who are also looking for other like minded people. Also check out http://www.phantoms.com/~phantom/standeyo/News_Files/Community/Community.html they have over 600 people listed


-- Walt (Heimdahl9@aol.com), June 17, 1998.

Couldn't find this http://www.phantoms.com/~phantom/standeyo/News_Files/Community/Communi ty.html do you know the current URL for it?


-- Tony Bondhus (tbondhus@bigfoot.com), July 01, 1999.

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